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Start Ups

The reality of being a small business owner can often be overwhelming...accounting, marketing, customer satisfaction, procurement, employees, taxes, regulations, annual filings, budgets...well, you understand. And when you try to do everything, the things you are really good at often suffer, and the things you barely understand may be done in a manner detrimental to your success. This is where we can help, customizing solutions, at your pace and comfort level, but also while explaining and giving you options and purposeful direction. We often can actually save you money, while freeing your time to have a more balanced life, and greatly reducing stress and the sense of being overwhelmed. 
How I wanted to be an author, a photographer, and in a band while I was growing up....sometimes I still do! Those gifted enough to be able to creatively do what they love most often feel drained by the "business" of their business. Having worked with musicians, chefs, photographers, woodworkers, jewelry makers, custom bike builders, and interior designers just to name a few, we know how crushing the weight of the day to day operations and paperwork can be to creativity. We customize solutions to help you grow without the stress and distraction that so often derails our creative friends. 
Personally, I have grown a start up from conception to over one million in annual sales in under five years; I know the challenges and extreme stress start ups experience. From creating the business plan, to funding options, to regulatory issues, organizational structure, operational procedures; to marketing and web presence, let us hold your hand and expedite your growth while avoiding common speed bumps. We not only customize your options and solutions, but we help you grow at a pace you are comfortable with while educating you and strengthening your resources.