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Working with Pretty Noose Phoenix Consulting for the past six months, I have increased my client base and jobs over 300%. Plus I focus on making sure the customer is satisfied and managing my crew, while they manage my Adwords, Facebook,  Amazon, local advertising, and my website. They are super easy to deal with, each new idea is totally customized to what I can handle and afford, and I can call them pretty much any time day or night and they help with all kinds of kinks in my business. Extreme knowledge base and desire to see me succeed. 

Maykel Bermudez   Owner

Working with Pretty Noose Phoenix Consulting has been incredible! The first few months they were hands on, helping with employee training, procurement, cash flow, and operational management while building a new website and social media platforms. Their focus now is on helping us grow in promoting our events, bands, and corporate accounts. By far the best value we have ever seen in ROI! And they work with our crazy hours and availability, a big plus in reducing stress!
El gran mar de plata

Ramon Mota,  Co-Owner

Pretty Noose Pheonix Consulting has been invaluable to me for several years....I can create unforgettable events, and monumental backlogs in paperwork and accounting. Keeping up with my bookkeeping and working with my accountant takes so much pressure off of me. Special marketing campaigns, special event writing and orchestrating, and just being there to bounce ideas off of, help with all the little minutia of running a business, I could not do it without Ruth (and she doesnt sugar coat anything, she keeps it real!)
Giorgio Ali

Giorgio Ali,​​    Owner, Lusheann Caterers

Being based in Colombia, but having a location in Miami and an online school, I really needed hands on help managing my large Adwords and Social media advertising accounts. They have done so much more though in such a short time; I have a new, interactive website; I have a new online course platform that is far superior to what I was using, increasing enrollment while saving a great amount of time in creating the live lessons and additional learning materials. My phone responses alone have increased over 1000% in December, which historically is a slow month for me.  I am anticipating record growth with them in 2017!
Politecnico Industrial Nueva Colombia

Jair Gonzalo,,​​   Owner